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5 Top Workouts To Do At Home

Strike out on your own. When you decide to workout at home you call the shots, but that leaves you with a lot of confusing choices to make. What’s the best home workout? More to the point, what’s the best workout for you and your home. We’ll go through 5 of our favourite exercises to give you an idea of the best ways to workout in homes of any shape and size.


There is no simpler workout to do at home than a bodyweight workout. This is what you should start with if you want to get in shape but have minimal to no equipment. You can get a lot done with a simple routine of push ups, deep squats and lunges, crunches and planks. All this without any equipment. If you want to get serious about a comprehensive bodyweight workout you should get yourself a sturdy pull-up bar. Targeting your back and biceps is probably the most difficult part of a bodyweight workout because these muscles in contraction pull things toward your body. Adding a bar to your bodyweight routine will give you everything you need to put on muscle at home. Have a set of ankle and wrist weights handy for when you want to up the resistance.


Plyometrics are a great workout to fit into a busy schedule because you can do them quickly, and they don’t require a bunch of equipment. Very basically, plyometrics uses explosive movements of your muscles going from extension to contraction. You might have people at the gym doing squat jumps onto the big plyo boxes. There’s a lot more to a plyometric workout than just the box and a lot that you can do without any equipment whatsoever. Explosive push ups and lateral lunges are just two examples. There are always accessories to elevate your workout like steps and decks which gives you a lot of the functionality of a plyo box but with a much smaller footprint. As with the bodyweight workout, don’t be afraid to grab yourself some ankle and wrist weights to increase the challenge.


Struggling with motivation to go for a run? Maybe it’s just raining heavily and the run after work is totally unrealistic. Putting a cardio machine in your living room might be just what you need to keep you motivated and active even in the midst of a busy schedule. Treadmills are a lot better for your joints than running on the road and let you set your own pace. Cross trainers are designed to reduce all the force going through your knees. These cardio machines let you set the tone. Preset workouts can take you through the most intense runs that maximise fat burning potential. Or maybe the equipment at home in front of the TV is a way to stay active while you keep your regular after work routine.

Rower Workout

You can do a lot with a rowing machine. Of course, top of that list is rowing which is one of the most physically engaging cardio exercises targeting your legs, arms, back, and core. Not to mention all the calories it burns as it gets your pulse racing, but it doesn’t stop there. This is where it gets a bit unconventional. It’s possible to isolate individual muscle groups with your rower. If you keep your legs straight and just engage your upper body you can work out your back as you would with a seated cable row. Alternatively, see what happens when you pull the bar up to your chest using just your arms in either an over or underhand grip. You’ll feel a killer burn through your biceps and forearms. 

The All Rounder

The greatest strength of your home workout is versatility. Be flexible and know the limitations of your space. The last of our favourite workouts is actually a combination of all of them. When you stay flexible in your space there’s no reason you can’t start your routine with a run on the cross trainer and move on to a body weight workout. Go for a row and get your upper body pumped then jump into a plyometric workout to target your legs and keep your blood pumping. Maybe even combine a bodyweight and plyometric workout into one. These workouts are suitable for any home gym because they’re the least drastic changes to your home environment, but it’s your gym. You call the shots. Figure out what works for you and run with it.

  • Feb 01, 2021
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