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Our Top 5 Favourite Reebok Home Fitness Equipment

Fitness Equipment for any lifestyle, living space and budget.  

Getting fit from the comfort of your own home has never been easier in 2021. With just about every type of fitness equipment available to purchase there is less need to attend the gym. Why pay a monthly fee, share equipment or travel when you can work out in the comfort of your own personal home gym. Some may think it is costly to purchase equipment or they don’t have enough space; with some research you will discover that fitness equipment can be cost friendly and compact. The fitness industry has rapidly evolved to produce fitness equipment that everyone can enjoy no matter what your budget, living situation or fitness regime is like.


Best Technology  

Winner: SL8.0 Treadmill  

For gym-goers that are obsessed with tracking their stats, smashing PB’s or love on-screen entertainment during cardio sessions, the SL8.0 Treadmill has just that. Crank up the volume and enjoy the 5W speakers with an MP3 input and Bluetooth compatibility for smartphone connection. You will never lack entertainment on the SL8.0 with 24 pre-set workouts, Reebok Fitness App compatibility and access to all your favourite apps on the consoles 7.3” wide tablet holder including Netflix, YouTube, Facebook and more. The massive fully-integrated 10.1” LCD touchscreen display tracks your fitness journey and relays everything you need to know about your workout like speed, time, distance, calories and heart rate via the hand pulse sensors. The SL8.0’s technology isn’t limited to digital qualities, the running platform is structured with SubLite cushioning technology, providing users with a supportive run without the heavy impact on joints. 


Most Versatile  

Winner: Utility Bench 

Want to get the most exercise options out of your fitness equipment? Don’t shy away from the Reebok Utility Bench for its basic design. The Utility Bench offers almost unlimited workout options for individuals with any fitness goal. With 7 adjustable angles and 3 seat positions, the bench can be adapted to each individual's workout preference. Whether your goal is to build strength, tone or burn fat, the Utility Bench can help you get there with the right exercises. Weight training with dumbbells, weight plates and barbells can be used comfortability on the utility bench to build muscle. Weight machines and racks can also use the support of the Utility Bench for upper body workouts. If strength training isn't your thing, then try hop overs and step ups for a full body HIIT workout on this bench. 


Best Space-Saving Design  

Winner: AR Rower  

The AR Rower may not be the compact fitness equipment you expected, if you don’t want to settle for something too small but also don’t have heaps of space then don’t look past the AR Rower. Although the AR Rower is long it is a tad shorter and slimmer than the standard rower, coming in at 179 (L) x 52 (W) x 80 (H)(cm). The best feature of the AR Rower is the foldable design, the rowing beam folds upwards to sit at a vertical angle atop the flywheel. The AR Rower will stand alone so there is no need to struggle balancing it upright or find something for it to lean against. Transporting the AR Rower is made easy with the transport wheels, meaning there is less of a fuss as you move the rower in and out of your storage space.  


Best Bang for Your Buck   

Winner: ZJET 430 Cross Trainer 

For under $800 the ZJET 430 Elliptical Cross Trainer is on the relatively cheaper end of the cross-trainer spectrum. At this price point your cross trainer will typically miss out on high end features, however the ZJET 430 offers quality features where it counts. The ZJET 430 is user friendly with technologically savvy features like a 5.5” LCD screen and 3 target programs, making it a stand out cross trainer in its price category. With a 7kg Flywheel and 8 levels of manual resistance this cross trainer will offer an adequate workout for those wanting to do low-impact cardio training and keep fit. Although the ZJET 30 doesn’t offer all the glitz and glam of a top range cross trainer it is a sturdy machine for home workouts with enough features to provide a good workout. Best of all it won’t break the bank. 


Best Product for Low Impact Training 

Winner: SL8.0 Exercise Bike

Exercise Bikes have made themselves known as a low impact alternative to spin bikes with increased comfort and lower intensity. The SL8.0 is easy on the joints with a wide seat and gel saddle technology for increased comfort while sitting. With a long handle bar riders can comfortably, hold onto the hand pulse sensors or textured grip on the upper handlebars without straining the lower back. The upright sitting position on the SL8.0 eliminates high impact and strenuous physical activity typically associated with cardio workouts. The SL8.0 is ideal for older users or those with fitness limitations in need of a low impact machine to keep fit and healthy. 


Reebok Fitness has some of the best ranking exercise equipment in Australia. There are options for any home gym whether it be a treadmill, cross trainer, rower or bench. No matter what your fitness goals are, anything can be achieved in the right home gym studio. A home gym looks very different for every individual. For one person it may be a renovated garage filled with multi-gym stations and power towers or it could be a couple of small fitness accessories to use in the living room. Building your desired workout space may be tough to kick start, you should consider your fitness goals, allocated space and budget before getting started.  


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