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Treadmill Manuals
Assembly Guides & User Manuals

Treadmill Maintenance

We recommend that you regularly inspect your treadmill and perform maintenance procedures such as lubricating your running belt and checking the belt alignment and tension.

We also advice that you keep your treadmill at room temperature, away from moisture and dust, and that you wipe any perspiration from the treadmill after each use.

Lubricating the running belt

To prevent the running belt from stopping or sticking, your treadmill's running deck will need to be lubricated every 8 - 10 weeks, depending on usage. The running deck is the black wooden surface located directly under the rotating running belt.

Lubricating the running belt
Belt alignment & tension

If your running belt has moved to one side, follow the instructions in the video below to correct the alignment and tension of the running belt.

Belt alignment & tension

Treadmill Assembly & Transportation

Treadmill Manuals

It's important to build your treadmill in the box. The base of the treadmill frame is spring loaded, with a hydraulic cylinder connecting the running deck to the base of the treadmill. If the machine is lifted off the ground without a locking pin inserted, the hydraulic frame can extend out and cause injury.

The red locking pin secures the running deck to the base frame for ease of transport, should the treadmill need to be lifted off the ground, moved upstairs or loaded into a vehicle.

To wheel your treadmill along the ground, fold the running deck up into the vertical position. Once you have done this, push down on the running deck once it is locked upright and the front of the machine will lift, shifting the weight onto the two transportation wheels. You will then be able to wheel your treadmill across most surfaces.

To fold the treadmill up for storage, simply grip the rear of the running deck and lift the deck in to a vertical position until it clicks. To release it back down in to a horizontal position for use, gently press your foot down on the red section of the hydraulic strut and push down on the back of the deck. The soft drop should then kick in and the deck will slowly lower itself until it is flat. See video below:

Folding and unfolding the treadmill

Using Your Reebok Treadmill

Treadmill Manuals
Where to keep your treadmill

Our products are for home use only, and in order to comply with the warranty, the machine will need to be kept in a brick built building, at room temperature, away from moisture and dust. Treadmills should not be kept in garages, sheds or outbuildings.

In a normal home, it should be absolutely fine to use your treadmill upstairs / on the first floor.

Reebok treadmills are strictly for private home use only, and storage or usage on commercial premises, including schools and hospitals, will invalidate the warranty.

Reducing Treadmill Static

Static electricity often builds whilst using a treadmill; try the below measures to minimise your risk of static shock.

Treadmill mat

Aside from causing shocks; static charges also attract fibres, hair, dirt and dust. Using a mat will guard against debris clogging the motor, subsequently reducing friction and preventing static.


Dry atmospheres magnify the build-up and intensity of static electricity. Using a humidifier (especially during winter) will help hugely to avoid shocks.


Training in clothes made of natural fibres will minimise static build-up; synthetic materials such as nylon or polyester will cause significantly more.

Routine maintenance

Treadmills require routine maintenance for lasting performance. Read the manual and maintain your machine in-line with lubrication, belt-adjustment and cleaning guidance to limit friction.

Power source

For optimal performance and electrical safety, power your treadmill through a grounded source that leads directly to the circuit breaker. Use of an extension cord is not recommended.